Study Tips

Get Organised
Create an effective and comfortable environment for you to study in and earmark a regular time for your study.

Plan Ahead
Anticipate the unexpected and stay ahead of any deadlines you have been set, or have set for yourself by planning ahead. This way events such as illness, family problems or problems with your computer etc. will have less impact.

Note Deadlines
If for example, you have an ECDL test scheduled, make sure you note when it is and where it will take place. This can help to be best prepared.

Read Background Information
Make sure you're familiar with information on the course you are studying, and read any documentation on it you can find. They often contain valuable tips that can improve your learning.

Keep Healthy
You know it makes sense. Eat well, get regular exercise and keep calm. The fitter you feel, the easier your studying will be.

Stay Motivated
Positive thinking will keep you interested in your study; remind yourself what you want out of your learning; regularly take a fresh look at the way you study - how could you improve?

Know Your Learning Style
If you know your preferred learning style you can target your weak areas.

Record Your Progress
Make a note of targets you set yourself and whether or not you meet these.

Talk, Talk, Talk
Talk to your LogintoLearn Advisor. They are there to help you get the most from your course of study.

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