Learning Styles

It is important that you get the most out of your learning and that you enjoy it, and because different people learn in different ways using different styles, our LogintoLearn service is flexible and puts you in charge of how you learn and when you learn.

There are three main learning styles and our LogintoLearn service supports all three.

Distance learning
This learning style will suit you if you like to work on your own, are motivated, and can work things out by yourself. Distance learning is also ideal if you want to work to your own timetable, or if you have problems fitting in visits to our LogintoLearn Centres.

All our Centres lend a range of Learning Packs that are ideal for people who wish to learn in this way. You can borrow the pack of your choice but still have access to learnng support through our LogintoLearn Advisors who will be happy to help you on any element of your learning.

Classroom-based learning
If you enjoy learning as part of a group, enjoy talking things through with other people, and having a tutor explain things to you, then classroom-based learning is probably best for you.

We run a number of classes in our LogintoLearn Centres throughout the year. Many of these are basic computer courses using prepared learning materials and illustrations, and a tutor is always on hand to help you with any problems you might encounter.

Flexible Learning
Flexible learning is great for people who want to follow their own timetable but also like contact with other learners, and have access to LogintoLearn Advisors when they need it. Flexible Learning allows you to work to your own timetable, but also means that you can use the resources available within our LogintoLearn Centres when you need them.

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