CV – Your Curriculum Vitae

Your CV is your first contact with a prospective employer so it's important you get it right. The tips below will help:

Highlight Your Strengths
Make sure you draw particular strengths including your key skills, experience and aptitudes. Include information on your responsibilities and achievements and include more detail on your most recent posts. Also include your qualifications and any relevant training courses you have recently attended.

Don't Waffle
Make every word count and try to include any buzzwords that are being used in your chosen field. Employers want to be able to find the important facts about you quickly so cut out the waffle.

Keep it Business-like
Employers like to establish a complete picture of you so tell them if you have a hobby, particularly if it is an unusual one. However, keep it brief and just enough to keep them interested.

A simple format will allow an employer to find out about you quickly. Make sure the document is well spaced, there are not too many fonts used and it provides a logical progression through your previous employment

Copy Check, Copy Check and Copy Check Again
Make sure all the facts are correct including dates, and that your spelling and grammar in the document are checked and rechecked. Bad spelling or grammar or inaccurate information will almost certainly count against you.

On-line CV Builder
A useful on-line CV builder can be found on the My World of Work web site. You'll need to sign-up then login for this free service Click here for access and to find out more.

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