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Is a broadband permanent connection to the internet. In a domestic situation it is up to ten times faster than a standard modem connection, but it is not available in all areas. It stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line.

Animated Gif
This is an image that appears to change or move on your screen. It is made up of two or more frames which are shown in succession.

A small program that performs simple tasks.

A file that is attached to an email. It could be a memo, report, spreadsheet, image etc.


This is the amount of information that can be transferred through your internet connection. It is usually measured in bits per second. The more bandwidth you have the faster you can upload and download files and information.

Baud is used to indicate the number of bits of information that a modem transmits.

Boolean Operator
Boolean operators are used when searching the web. They help you find the information you are looking for by restricting your search using words like AND, OR and NOT.

Bookmarks are used by Netscape browser and let you save the address of a website in an address book to make it easier to access the site again. With Internet Explorer they are known as 'Favorites'.

Is a high bandwidth permanent connection to the internet which enables data to be transferred many times faster than using a standard modem dial-up connection. Broadband services can be provided by various means including: ADSL; Cable; and Satellite.

A browser is a piece of software that lets you look at websites by downloading and displaying the page on your screen. Popular browsers include Netscape's Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer.


The cache is an area on your computer where information can be stored. It makes it faster to view a website that you have visited before because the cache often stores the previously loaded web page on your computer's hard drive.

Chat normally takes place in a chatroom. People talk to each other by typing and reading messages. Everyone in the chatroom will see your message and you can see theirs.

A client is a computer that requests information from another computer that is normally called a server. When your computer is being used to view a website it is acting as a client.

The information contained on a web page or site is referred to as its content.

Some web sites send files to your computer the first time you visit them. These are cookies. A cookie helps the web site to identify whether you have visited the site before and what information will appear on web pages.


This refers to using telephone lines or ISDN to connect to the Internet. When you use this method you dial up to the web.

You download when you transfer a file from another computer to your own computer.


An email is a message you would send from your computer to another computer or a message you would receive from another computer on your computer.

Email Address
An email address is similar to a postal address except the messages go to your computer and not through your letter box. Your email address will be unique to you.

Encryption is used to ensure that data cannot be read by anyone but only those who are authorized to. Encyption encodes the data so that it cannot be easily read.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)
This is a document that will answer the most frequenty asked questions about a product or service, or facility.

A firewall is a security system that protects an organisation or company's internal network from attack and subsequent damage.

A flame is an insulting email that might contain inflammatory remarks.

Frames allow you to display sections on a web page that change independently of each other. They have their disadvantages as they can take a while to download and search engines often can't find them.

Freeware is software you can download from the Internet and then use it at no charge.

FTP is a method of transferring files across the internet from one computer to another. It stands for File Transfer Protocol.


Gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format and is a type of graphics file often used on the internet.


A hacker is a person who tries to access other peoples computer systems normally to cause damage or harm to the system.

A hit is a visit to a web site that is recorded by a counter. It is a measure of the number of times items have been downloaded from a web page. If for example, a web page is made up from ten different items it would register as ten hits for every actual visit.

Home Page
The home page is the opening page of a website, and should provide access to all other areas of the web site.

A hyperlink is a word or a piece of text on a website that by clicking on it you jump to another web page or website. Normally hyperlinks are underlined and the mouse pointer turns to a hand when you move the mouse over it.

HTML or hyper text markup language is the code used to write web pages.

Hypertext is the text in web pages that contain links to other web pages or documents.


The internet is a collection of computers over the world that are linked to communicate with each other. The computers all use the same language to talk to each other.

Internet Access Provider
An IAP is a company that sells you a connection to the internet. They are also known as Internet Service Providers.

An intranet is a network of computers for a group of people such as the employees of a company or organisation. An intranet uses internet technology but is not part of the internet.

Internet Protocol Number
Internet Protocol or IP number is the unique number assigned to any computer on the internet.

Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat or IRC is a popular system for chat over the internet.

Internet Service Provider
See Internet Access Provider.

A faster way of accessing the internet using telephone lines. ISDN is very much quicker than normal telephone lines. It stands for Integrated Services Digital Network.


(Pronounced jay-peg) A popular method for compressing images on the internet. It stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group.

Java is a computer language used for writing programs for the internet.

Java Applet
A Java Applet is a small Java program that adds an interactive feature to a web page.


Local Area Network
Also known as a LAN, a local area network is a computer network limited to a small area such as an office or a building.

Leased Line
A leased line is a telephone line that has been rented for the exclusive use of a business or organisation. It is a dedicated line between two points and large businesses use them to connect to the internet.

ListServ is a popular program for handling discussion groups where messages are sent and received by email.

A lurker is someone who prefers to read other people's messages in a discussion group rather than posting their own. People new to discussion groups often 'lurk' before contributing themselves.


Mailing List
A mailing list is a system that allows you to send an email to one address but it is also copied to other people subscribing to the mailing list.

Modem is short for Modulator/Demodulator. A modem is a device that allows computers to talk to each other over a telephone line.


Newsgroups are discussion groups. They are used for discussions amongst people with similar interests.


A packet is a bundle of data that is transferred across a network. A packet contains information to show where it has come from and its destination.

A set of guidelines that all computers linked to a network must adhere to. These protocols allow computers to talk to each other.


A router is a device or software program that decides which route information will take between networks.


Search Engine
A search engine helps you find information on the web. By entering keywords the search engine will search for web pages containing your keywords and list them on your screen for you to select from.

A server is a central computer that stores material from the World Wide Web and can transfer it to another computer when requested to do so.

Shareware is often downloaded from the Internet and is software that you can use for a trial period. If you continue to use it after the trial period you must pay for it.

Junk mail on the internet.

To surf the net is to use the Internet.


An upload takes place when you send a file from your computer to another computer on the internet.

Often known as Uniform Resource Locator, the URL is the address of a web site. For example the LogintoLearn site is www.logintolearn.com


A virus is a type of computer program designed to create havoc by replicating itself undetected. Unfortunately you can catch a virus from the Internet and through email.


Short for World Wide Web.

Web Server
A web server delivers web pages to another computer.

Web Site
A collection of web pages.

Wide Area Network
Also known as a WAN, a wide area network is a network of computers distributed over a large area.

World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is part of the internet and is a vast worldwide collection of websites.

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