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To help with your study, homework or research LogintoLearn provides you with Free Access to the online reference websites shown here.
These services are available free to everyone who lives, works, or is in full-time education in North Lanarkshire. All you require is to be issued with a North Lanarkshire Library Card and use the number printed on it to complete the simple login procedure for each site.

If you don't already have a Library Card, simply call into your nearest branch and complete a membership form. It's quick and it's free.

Ancestry Library Edition
Family history research is fast becoming a popular leisure activity with an increasing number of people trying to trace their ancestors and prepare a family tree. CultureNL Libraries have made this activity accessible to all with Ancestry Library Edition now available in all libraries across North Lanarkshire. Itís free, itís simple to use and the resource provides plenty of search tips and help pages. You can search birth records, historical censuses, wills, military records, obituaries and more.

Ancestry Library Edition provides the most genealogical information available on-line, with more than 5 billion names in over 4000 collections. It offers a wide and diverse variety of unique content to help users trace their family lineage or help historiansí access historic records that have not previously been available online. It is continuously expanding with new content added every day. This resource needs to be used in the library and cannot be accessed free of charge at home.

Access To Research
This is a unique service providing access to a wide range of academic articles and research online. Subjects include art, architecture, business, engineering, history, languages, politics, philosophy, mathematics and the sciences. This resource is ideal for small businesses, researchers and students alike. Please note that you can only access this website from PCís in CultureNL Libraries.

Theory Test Pro
Everything you need to pass your driving theory test. It contains the entire official test question bank, hazard perception video clips and an online version of the Highway Code.

Oxford Reference Online
Covers a broad range of subjects including General Reference; Language; Quotations; Science; Medicine and Social Sciences.

Oxford English Dictionary
The definitive record of the English language – online.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography
An illustrated collection of more than 56,600 specially written biographies of the men and women from around the world who shaped all aspects of Britain's past.

Encyclopaedia Britannica
One of the world's most trusted sources of information on every topic imaginable - from the origins of the universe to current events and everything in between. You can now choose from Junior, Student and Academic versions.

A comprehensive and proven study package designed to help candidates preparing for the Life in the UK Test towards gaining British citizenship.

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