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Lifelong learning can be exciting, challenging and fulfilling, but it can also be demanding and hard work, so it's good to know that help is readily at hand.

All our LogintoLearn Centres are staffed by experienced people who have themselves gone through many of the courses that we offer including the European Computer Driving Licence.

In addition, an LogintoLearn Advisor is based in each of our Centres and can help you select the course that best fits your learning needs, and the learning materials you need to progress through it. If you have any problems, your Advisor will be able to help you by providing guidance and advice, and they have contacts with a wide range of other lifelong learning agencies who may also be able to help.

You can also 'chat' to our LogintoLearn Centres using our Live Help facilities which provide access to our experts from your home, office, or wherever you are connected to the Internet.

So don't panic! Help is at hand.

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